The Best in Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing From the Ports of Oak Orchard/Point Breeze and Wilson NY
Why Wilson in May In May, like no other time of the year the Mighty Niagara River has its greatest influence on Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, since 70% of the water that enters lake Ontario is the result of the flow from the Niagara. The waters of Lake Ontario remain colder than  the warmer waters of Lake Erie which enters Ontario via the Niagara. The fast flowing water also picks up nutrients and higher oxygen levels than the surrounding colder lake water due the influenced of the falls itself. This warmer water along with the structure of the Bar itself, formed over years of sediment coming down the river, attract bait fish, which in turn act like a magnet to hungry feeding Salmon coming up from their deep winter haunts. Wilson Harbor in May provides us the best access to these productive waters.
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