Our Home is the harbor of Oak Orchard/Point Breeze one of the most productive harbors in the U.S. waters on Lake Ontario, but every spring in May we make our annual pilgrimage to the west, fishing the Famous Niagara Bar where King Salmon first show up to take advantage of the warming waters coming from the Niagara River and the bait  they attract. Our goal: is to provide the best opportunities to catch King Salmon when you book your outing. In April we specifically target Brown trout along the shores of the lake in the Oak Orchard area but come May its time for Salmon, there is nothing like a spring run King to thrill a fisherman’s heart. Come June we move back to our home Port of Point Breeze as the Salmon fishing heats up. We have been fulfilling anglers fishing dreams for over 30 years as a professional on Western Lake Ontario, for the last 10 years as a full time guide. Being on the water every day provides me with the opportunity to keep on top of fish movement and their preferred baits.  I am a member of the "Team Dream Weaver" Pro-staff one of the best lure companies on the great lakes. Also a member of the "A-Tom-Mik" Pro-staff the premier trolling fly company on the great lakes. I continually contribute to the introduction of new and exciting lure and fly designs for Great Lakes fishermen success. We have many Derby and Tournament accomplishment to our credit, including first place wins in the ESLO DERBY and Orleans County Summer Derby. We have won and finished in the top 10 of the Niagara  and Orleans County Pro-Am's and Oak Orchard Open the last 10 years including finishing in the money multiple times in the spring international Scotty and Tight lines events   I am ready to use my knowledge and experience to help provide fishing excitement for you
The Best in Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing From the Ports of Oak Orchard/Point Breeze and Wilson NY
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Your Host Capt. Bob Songin 585-733-5829 reelxite1@rochester.rr.com